trip recomendations

I’m new to Packrafting. I’ve used my packraft on Campbell Creek here in town a few times and also the Upper Kenai. I’m kind of looking for a few recomendations for some day/overnight packraft trips. Any help is much appreciated.

Good for you. That is a once in a life time trip. I did a rafting trip through the Grand Canyon about 15 years ago and it was one of the top experiences of my life.

One of the biggest things if you are fair skinned and prone to sunburn is to have some very light and loose clothing that completely covers your arms and legs. I took daily baths in sunblock and I was still burning by the third day (virtually no shade on the river). One of the boatmen loaned me a set of doctor’s scrubs (which many of them used) and they were perfect. Kept the sun off my poor skin without being too hot or heavy and dried quickly when wet. Some of the newer outdoor fabrics (like polypropelene, etc) that are light and quick-drying would probably work just as well.

Other items:

  • A little halogen-bulb headlamp is great around camp at night.

  • ziploc baggies and/or small boaters drybags are good for items you want during the day or absolutely must stay dry (the rafting company will probably store most of your gear in water-proofed ammo-cans or large canvas dry-bags while on the river).

  • A hat with a brim. Many people take a shoelace, tie one end to the hat and use a safety pin on the other end to fasten to their clothes. This prevents it from flying away during wind or rapids.

  • Comfortable shoes for wearing in water. Lots of people wear an old pair of tennis shoes. Teva-type sandals and the newer ‘Croc’ type boating shoes are also rightly popular (beware of ankle sunburn). You will probably be stopping and doing little short hikes to features near the river.

You don’t have to worry too much about mesquitos or other flying bugs along the river. Scorpions are common along the shores where you camp at night.

The rafting company will certainly have a first aid kit, but if you are partial to certain brands of aspirin, imodium, etc. You might want to bring your own.