TR: Kosciuszko to the Coast

Went for a bit of a walk and paddle after Christmas, from the top of Australia to the ocean. It was my first decent expedition with the packraft, and I’m pretty happy with how it turned out.

See my blog for the full TR. Be warned, it’s a bit of a monster so may take a while to read!

Inspiring stuff mate, again, well done. Packrafting has so many faces, and this is one of my favorite types of trips. Big loads and longer distances in a traditional style. Stoked!

Thanks mate. There’s nothing as satisfying as lugging big loads and covering long distances. All the sissys who only do day trips are missing out :stuck_out_tongue:

Your trip would have to be one of the longer ones completed in oz at this point with a packraft. The freaks from Tassie might have done some longish trips.
I’m hoping to find some $$ for a new raft to do some bigger whitewater soon which will need a new approach with lighter gear.

Hey great stuff Craig, what a lovely trip and fantastic account of it on your blog :slight_smile:


Thanks Steve. There were a few signs of fish on the way down, and apparently there is no shortage of eels in the river, if you’re into that sort of thing.

Eels are not really my thing but there are good bass in the lower section. Peter and I have had it on our trip list for a few years but other trips have had won over, we’ll get there one day for a paddle and fish.

We should hook up and do the Eucumbene soon whilst it is a little warmer?

Amazing journey. Well done!

Thanks Ross.

Yes definitely! We’ll have to wait for a drop of rain though. Wish the Snowy Hydro gauges were publicly accessible, would make trip planning much easier.

Wow! Longest and best blog post i’ve read in ages. Are you in Melbourne? Well done on a great trip and report!

Thanks! I’m in Bendigo. Whitewater is a bit scarce close to home, so us locals have to head east for our fix!