Tooma River trip

Three of us meet up for a walk and paddle on the Tuesday after the long weekend. The weather was as good as it gets, the last of the snow melt pushed out keeping the water flowing well, though a tad cool. I will leave the statistics to Jules to fill in. A fab day with really pleasant company.


Shweet. Some distances (km) for the interested. A really doable mountains early spring classic. Gedditinniya.

Park at the Dargals Fire Trail trail head, which has some nice signs advising the need to Angle Park. It also has a long drop dunny.

10km to the river via Dargals FT walking. Put in at where Dargals crosses the Tooma.

3.3 Dargals FT to Wheelers FT.
1.2 Wheelers F/T to Guaging Station.
3 Guaging Station to Lake.
7.5 total river.

3.4 flat on the lake.

500m back up the eastern boat ramp to the car.

About 8 hours car to car. We fished a bit and had lunch so that time’d be able to be cut.

I’ll try and find out if Snowy Hydro can give us the river guage data and the lake height for future reference.

What a beaut looking trip.

Interesting use of PFD as a ?fender. Possibly not such a bad idea if you let the raft go off on it’s own down the river…did you have to chase it far?


Yes Peters front fender is a good look, theoretically they work better when worn but I discovered mine could slip up over my head when getting pummelled and hammered after a back exit in a sneaky hydraulic suck :frowning: lessons learnt and new pfd ordered. My dodgy camera work missed Jules magnificent exit but managed to get his raft chase, nothing like a good swim in 4 or 5 oC water :blush:

I want a head cam next.


wow, wanna go there too…