I’m new to the forum, and new to packrafting. So new in fact, that i am still waiting for the second-hand dory I purchased to arrive in the mail !

I’m wondering what folks use as tie-downs. I have spotted a few things that look like climbing tube tape with elastic in them, with 'biners for clipping into the loops. Is this what I am thinking I’m seeing ? Other ideas ?

I’m based in Australia (East Corrimal, near Wollongong), predominant use will be as a fishing / access craft on our slow rivers, and coastal estuaries.

Welcome, fellow Dory Pilot (o:

I chose straps with adjusters and snap links rather than use bungee type cords for two reasons.

Straps secure the load without exerting constant pressure on the grab loops, unlike bungee type cords.

Bungee type cords have a habit of whipping back with force if the hook slips or fails (here in the UK, metal hooked bungees are known as ‘eye outs’ to long term motorcyclists - with good reason!).

On a separate note, you won’t believe just how well the Dory, oar frame, paddle and skeg pack so small, its like the Tardis.
Design and build quality is fantastic.
An 8mm closed cell foam sleeping pad makes for a good Dory floor protector.

Thanks AeroNautiCal, will have a play with a few setups.

Jules, nice to see that there’s another Ozzie packrafter!

I’ve had my raft for 2yrs and have found that the best tie downs for me were 2 straps made from 19mm black webbing, and fastex style clip buckles. Easy to make,weigh bugger all, able to be used for other things, and held our packs down onto the raft extremely well during our last trip to NZ. If holding down a full sized rucksack, I use them straight around it, with the pack across the boat, but for a daypack I have tended to criss cross the straps.

Have fun - they’re great boats.

Cheers Andrew, will try some, or modify some of my existing items to use.