I am considering getting the small therm-a-rest ProLite Plus mattress for a Yak and an UR Fjord Explorer. I was wondering if the extra 1/2" of thickness over the regular ProLite that Alpacka sells would cause any unforseen problems? I don’t run WW over Class 2 and want the extra thickness for sleeping comfort more than any issue with raft use.


The only problem I could see is a tighter fit in your raft. One of my buddies doesn’t use a pad at all for that exact problem, but he has a yak and is probably around 5’9". I on the other hand love the space it takes up, seeing as I am 5’5" and have the Yak. In conclusion, if you have some extra space in your raft with your current situation, I could see no problems with going a little thicker.

I went ahead and purchased a small Therm-a-rest ProLite Plus. It was a closeout of the 2011 model which came in pomegranate. I found it for half of the retail price on-line.The 2012 models are orange in color. The 2011 model in the Plus (1 1/2") is almost rectangular with only slight arcs on the ends. This seems to fit well in my UR Denali Explorer which has parrallel tubes but did not fit well in my wif’e’s Yak. The 2012 small Plus model is tapered like the small 2011 & 2012 ProLite (1") models and is 20" wide at one end and tapers to 16" in width at the other with both ends having generous radiuses. I plan on purchasing the ProLite for my wife’s Yak. Beware of the 2011 ProLite Plus unless you have an Explorer or perhaps a Double Duck.

Thanks for the info from you.

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