Test, just a test

A bit worried about this one - I reckon that anyone who writes a post like this without a reasonable explanation (eg…I’m hallucinating and psychotic; or I smoked 145 bongs; or (/and) took some LSD etc etc should really be banned forever by “the moderator”.

Hey, we all think weird thoughts when approaching some unknown white water, but mine have never gone this way…!

Let’s keep the site a little more specific.



You need to relax amigo!

The creature whom posted, has made a habit of doing so on many forums, simply google the message to see the results.

The internet and free speech also empower social misfits with access to a computer!



MMMMMMMMMMM. Googled it as suggested, and sounds benign… but irrelevant, and meaningless…and I couldn’t find anything to suggest anything positive or useful about it.

AND, then we get a Viagra advert …which is not what I’d normally expect a post about on a rafting site - perhaps I’m wrong…?!

Coincidence… or bad luck?

I’m not paranoid - just tired of getting spam.

Lastly, having re-read my last post about the “test” email, I realise that it may have sounded dispariging about “the moderator”, however this was not meant to be the case at all - I was just wondering where it came from. Moderating any website would be a very difficult job, and one I’d hate.


I agree with andrewallen. As is obvious (now that they SPAMMed every single forum on these pages with Viagra and MP3 spam), such posts only lead to more SPAM. If someone has nothing to add to the forums, they don’t need to be here. If they post with the only purpose to see if it ends up in a Google Search, they’re most-likely up to no good in the first place. Great, their post (along with the unique 32-character hexadecimal tag) ended up on Google… now look what we’ve got.

When SPAMMers do that, they’re not only trying to get people on the boards to go to their pages (which usually doesn’t work). The higher goal is to use the links (from a reputable page such as alpackaraft.com) to boost their search-engine results. The more reputable websites that link to their page, the higher it will be when someone types “Viagra” into Google. Once they know that a post here ends up in a Google Search, they SPAM these forums like there’s no tomorrow. A bunch of other forums too.

Let’s do our best to keep the boards SPAM-free. There are a couple measures that could be implemented by the admins, I think, by adding some new “hoops” for new members to jump through. One, for instance, is that a member’s very first post must be approved by an admin before it–or any of their subsequent posts–are posted. It does increase the admin’s workload a bit, but it keeps SPAM from getting through. Legitimate users generally don’t care if their first post takes a few hours (or even a day) to be posted, if they know what’s going on and why. Of course, if the first post is just SPAM, the admin can delete it immediately and ban the user automatically. Just a thought. There’s other things that can be done too, if the admins don’t want to have to deal with that.

  • Mike

EDIT: Another thing everyone can do is just use the “Report” feature (available on any post). That way the Admins get the message right away. If a new member has nothing but reported posts so far (say, all 3 of their 3 posts have been reported), a script could automatically “suspend” that user (and remove all their posts) until the admin gets a chance to look it over later and decide for themselves. That would cause less headache for the admins (i.e. just review potential spammers instead of all new members). But it only works if people report the posts when they see 'em. Just another thought.

You guys are right that we’ve been behind on the power curve, in this sudden wave of Spam. (For those just coming into the conversation, the first message in this thread was Spam, now deleted, so andrewallen’s statement is a response to something erased). This one caught us a big flat footed: web guy away, company folks on the road, having personal events, etc. - but what it really amounts to is ‘behind the curve’ on catching it.

Once our web guy is back, we’ll talk with him about the best ways to fight the armies of Spam, and discuss the ideas in this thread. Until then, we’ll be checking in more frequently and monitoring. I think the idea of not being shy about the “report” feature is great, and I’ll see if I can find a way to get the forum to automaticaly notify me if anything gets reported.

Until then, thanks for your guys support. Barbarians at the gate selling Viagra and all…

Cheers, -Andrew (“Shaggy”)

Woohoo! A full 36 hours with no new SPAM! That “ban” option is pretty handy… Okay, nevermind, just had to clean house again.

Looks like the hackers found a security hole; I can upgrade us to the latest version of PHPBB which should keep them at bay for a while!