tangle lakes to the rich

hey guys and gals, anyone have any info on this section of the Delta with a packraft? i heard about the 1/2 mile portage around the falls in the early going, but i am just wondering about the feasibility of doing this trip in mid to late september…plan is to take out at mile 212…thanks!

about 7 miles of flat water paddle on Tangle Lake
then you have the portage
then the float/paddle down the delta to mp 212.
Beaware of winds in the afternoon, and get fresh water right before Eureka Creek comes in.
Great float, watch for hunters
Hardest part, car shuttle…

This is one of my favorite floats. (it is a float trip, not a traditional packrafting trip as there is no hike other than the portage) The 7 miles of flat water is not all flat. Half of Long Tangle Lake is flowing water. (it is the only lake I know of with rapids in the middle) The portage is short and easy. There is a pond you have to paddle across in the middle of the portage so don’t deflate your boat. Just carry it or you will kick yourself. Before you do the portage make sure you take the little trail over to check out the falls. They are awesome. The first one is a giant sluice box and the other a little farther down the trail is a large tiered falls. The float after the falls has a little section of class 3 and the rest is pretty easy. I always wind up doing it as an overnight float and still have a lot of time to fish. Two days ( one night) is plenty of time for the trip but a lot of people spend more time. By the way, the grayling fishing is killer.