Take a ride on the snow

It is this time of the year, where it is too long to wait for the melt …


Its fun, it is definitely fun :slight_smile:


Well, it was not that long to wait actually :slight_smile: The first complete (!) meltdown in Germany occurred in early January this winter. Heavy Rain and 10° brought heavy snowmelt. So the first pack rafting of the year took place unexpectedly early too!

Conclusion: Well, not sure if paddling in winter really becomes a trend sport in Europe. Freaking cold hand and feet … Played it save most of the time, being on avoiding mode (bypassing the bigger stuff):

(incl. video material).


My hands fully agree! I tried dish washing gloves last time, with good grip/feel on the paddle at full wet and somewhat cold protection. Its a tradeoff most kayakers face too…

How do you cope?


Rubbing surf wax on your paddle helps with grip in the cold/snow. I am really happy with my NRS Toaster Mitts too. Looks like fun!

Luc, I will try that out. Ski (grip) wax should work too, right?

The mitt look good too. Thanks for the recommendation.