Suggest some colorado packrafts

I will be getting off the green river after a 7 day float, on the 22nd of sept. Will pick up my vehicle in Moab and would like to head into Colorado for some fishing and packrafting. I was thinking of heading somewhere near the Gunnison area. Any suggestions for packrafting anywhere in and or around that area? Or anywhere in SW Colorado for that matter? Don’t have to be back in Az until Oct. 1st. Thanks for any suggestions you could provide…

How about Gunnison Gorge?

TR here:
Youtube video here:

It’s at 1100 cfs right now. The BLM website ( suggests it’s runnable as low as 300 cfs. I’m off work Sept. 27-29 and am thinking about heading down there (if I can find a partner), probably as a two day trip.

PM me if anyone is interested.


I haven’t been there myself but have heard great things about it. I’m headed there next year when I’m a bit more comfortable in the Alpaca. Kindly,