I’m looking for recommendations for straps to use to anchor my pack and/or bike to my deck.

Until, I’ve had these great narrow (maybe 1/2"?) webbing straps with small metal-toothed ladderlocks that I scavenged from a 1960’s era kelty pack I inherited. I’ve managed to lose the last of them, and in the meantime I’ve been using the packtach getup Alpacka sells, supplemented with cheap polypro rope as needed. I’m looking for something a little more solid to use on my boat, but also to strap stuff onto my bike, backpack, etc.–one needs straps in life. It shouldn’t be a complicated question, but it’s one I’ve fortunately never had to ask.

I just made my own, using 3/4 " webbing and a fastex buckle. They hold a 20kg pack securely, and are cheap and easy to make. No failure yet.



About 1 minute into this ( you’ll see what I use. Like you, I used those Kelty straps for years.

Now I get what Hig calls “ladder lock” straps at REI they call them accessory straps. I do not use fastex buckles ( as they pop when I really pull them tight.

DO NOT get these by OR (, their buckles stretch and slip.

I LOVE these:

They are bright red and I do not lose them. I use a 24" and 2 40" straps to hold my pack on the bow. One of the 40" and the 24" are attached together to hold the top end about midship. The other 40" goes (can use shorter) holds the waist belt end of the pack at the bow. This video ( shows putting the strap son at about 1:10 or so.

Do people find that the Alpacka Packatach systems are not up to scratch?