I own a fancy new red Denali Llama!

Now…anyone gonna invite me on a trip! :slight_smile:

I can bring a 4WD, extensive whitewater paddling and safety knowledge, and an easy going attitude!

Great stuff Chris, did you get two or just the one in the end? Spray deck?

We are going up to paddle the lower Thredbo and then the Eucumbene in a few weekends time, you’d be more than welcome to join us?


Hi steve, got only one, with a deck. I think the second will be the explorer though…the llama is a bit small in the front for little Oskar. Count me in for a paddle… Though I am interested in the ‘where’ of both euc and thredbo.

On the Euc we will go from the bridge (Kiandra) to the lake and on the thredbo we are going from the Trout hatchery to the lake. The Euc is grade 2/3 with the one grade 4 at sucide hole. The Thredbo is grade 2 (it is below the grade 6 gorge section).

Any other paddlers want to come?


The euc section…suicide hole isn’t the most difficult rapid on the section. Depending on level, this can be an easy 4 trip…with the section getting pretty continuous at times. Should be a fun trip though, buy must say I would be tempted to take the playboat 

We are looking at the 11th Sept for the Euc, I have not done the Euc trip from top to bottom so will have to check the river notes to see whats what. Got any good links?

We will do the lower Thredbo the previous arvo (10th)

I would like to get out earlier but will be busy with work until the end of the month, then the bass fishing season starts on the 1st Sept so that will eat a week or two.