Spray decks for a Yak

Hey everyone,
I’m getting ready to purchase a yukon yak but I’m having a hard time deciding on which deck to get. I’m looking for versatility. I will most likely start with flat water trips but would like to progress to whitewater streams and waterfalls(you guys make it look so easy) eventually.
If I get the whitewater deck assuming that I’ll want it some day in the future for class 3 and 4, am I going to get soaked on every flatwater trip I take without it?
And vice versa, if I get the cruiser deck more suited for flat water and easier to remove, will I be kicking myself when I’m skilled enough to do more technical whitewater?
One more question: If I went with the whitewater deck, would it be silly to get the one that moves the seat 4" forward considering I’ll be doing some flatwater stuff too? It seems like a nice option to have for technical whitewater but I’m not sure it would be comfortable 100% of the time.

Thanks for your input,

I like my cruiser deck just fine, I put a 10ltr stoic dry bag behind my back rest and then inflate it and the back rest until it holds the back of the spray skirt up behind my back. Once I did this it totally changed how well the skirt performed in up to heavy class 3 stuff, I haven’t done anything bigger yet so I can’t comment there but I think it would be fine up to class 4. Any more than that and I think I would rig a boat more like Luc Mehl does just for heavy stuff with thigh straps, a back band, a foot brace, and then the WW deck would pay off.

Thanks for your advice dman! I went with the cruiser deck and my boat should be here next Monday(the paddle came today)! I can’t wait to get out and play in it!

Youre welcome Jeff, you’ll love your boat.