Every time I log in here, I see spammers.

For example:

An I the only one it bothers? Shouldn’t the board have a slightly more active admin?

Careful McNik, there’s a clear pattern here. Your posts have disappeared, but not the spammers’. Makes me fear agreeing with you too strongly.

Today a series of spam posts was a forceful reminder of the need for a button that will send a less-than 24 hour old post into a purgatory awaiting moderator approval. I had to check everyone of the spam posts, in case there was another new post in one of the forums. There was one. No purgatory for the spammers is a (fill in the blanks aimed at whomever or whatever you blame) for everyone else. I could have saved every later reader from fruitless (…).

Oops. Now I’ll be disappeared.

Sorry about the spam… but unless you update the code every month spam on forums is a fact of life. If you’re familiar with PHPBB3 admin and want the power to nuke spammers let me know & I’ll be happy to get you the privileges.

Wow - I never knew spammers were so interested in packrafting.

Our version of phpBB is out of date… thus the deluge of spammers recently. I’ll be upgrading to the latest / greatest version later this week. That should stop them for a while.

We’ve been upgraded. Hopefully the spam will stop. Many thanks to the people who marked topics as spam while waiting for the upgrade.