Southern Oregon/Northern Cali

I’ll be down in this area (home) during the first half of September, not sure how high (if high at all) any water will be, but can anyone recommend any good trips for this area?

Just got our packrafts, so no trip reports yet, but also interested in hearing more about trips in this area. And maybe finding some local partners?

Looks like there aren’t many trips during the summer months due to the lower water levels, although the Rogue is still runnable in many parts with class 3-4 waters, I’ve been looking for something. I’m currently in the area for another 2 weeks or so, and looking to do part of the Rogue. Looks like the real fun starts in the fall/winter/spring months, due to higher water flows, although during this time a wetsuit will be quite necessary.

Also, seeing as you just got your packrafts, it would be a great idea to check out if you haven’t seen this site yet, it’s great. It has good progression and a huge list of creeks and rivers in Oregon, with great descriptions of put-ins and take-outs.

Thanks, Gerhardt. We are headed to the Klamath River (class 2-3 section) this Sunday, as it also has water all summer (write me at aiyanaoutside at gmail dot com if you’d like to come along). The North Umpqua does as well (though a bit further north). I am looking forward to some nice low water runs on other rivers due to the low draft and maneuverability of packrafts (as well as the ease of portage if it really is too shallow).

American Whitewater dot org is a good resource. I also appreciate hearing it straight from the horse’s mouth (from other packrafters, that is). Our needs and interests are different from those of most rafters and kayakers.