SOLD: Yukon Yak, for sale, $600

Yukon Yak Pack Raft, very lightly used and in excellent condition. Includes collapsable paddle (plastic with aluminum shaft), inflation bag, spray skirt, spares and repair kit, extra inflatable seat bottom.

I got hooked on pack rafting in Alaska, where I borrowed rafts from friends. I bought this one while living in Colorado (used only once by a person in Utah), and I was determined to seek out more good trips. Unfortunately, I never used it once while living there and didn’t make another trip to Alaska before moving to Minnesota.

I can send photos if you contact me. Thanks!

sent you a private message…

I am interested. Coming to Alaska July 30, to Fairbanks. If you are there, there is no shipping needed.
Please contact me at lfromzel-at-hotmail-com ( Len)