(SOLD) FS: Hornet-Lite Kokopelli Packraft 425$ Shipped


I am selling a brand new Kokopelli Hornet-Lite packraft. http://www.kokopellipackraft.com/adventure-series/

Received it yesterday. I have an Alpacka Explorer already and was trying to go smaller. This one turns out to be very close to the same size rolled. That being said, I would keep it if I didn’t have one, or was in need of a second boat. The price point for this is really great for what you get. I have an Alpacka and have used it extensively on high mountain lakes; which is what I intended this for. Save 100$ and get it in hand now (retails for 525$). Kokopelli has sold out of all of their boats. Comes in a really great package. It weighed in at a flat 6lbs with the straps. The V-Tape floor on this model is impressive, and while the tubes are specifically built to be lighter weight, the floor definitely looks like it can handle abrasion (unlike some other rafts close to this price range). Really an amazing price for what you get. The cockpit is 51"'s long; very roomy for a boat with these specs.

Let me know if you have any questions. I can email photos if you would like.