SOLD: children dry suit

Made to measure children Hammond dry suit STX100
Good for young children BETWEEN 2 AND HALF YEARS OLD AND 5 YEARS OLD.
best fit for average tall 5 years old child.
Dry at Latex neck seal from a neck of 9 inch circumference and more.
latex wrist seal,latex sock( all latex treated with 303)

Like new ,absolutly dry and confortable.
Not breathable fabric.Metal and yellow
weight:19.8 once
check hammond dry suit web site for more detail
value more than 500 $USD(333 british pound sterling)

250$ USD + shipping from canada

look at BPL forum for a picture

price drop :240$ + shipping

Now: 230$ + half of the shipping

Now 225$ shipped to USA and Canada

220$ shipped

SOLD at 220$