Sold: blue 2009 Alpaca w/spray skirt

The 2009 model has a bigger butt than the early boats and the modern spray skirt design, but the spray skirt rolls up rather than zip off as with the 2010 models.

This boat has been used gently. I found no marks, scratches or other flaws the last time I checked, and there have been no incidents since. In the next couple of days I’ll wash off the mud and silt, check it again, and take pictures. $775 shipped priority mail in the US. The boat is in Portland, Oregon.

Any update with pictures?

Hello there,
I am interested in seeing pictures when you get them. Also, are you selling just the raft, or are you selling any other accessories with it? Thanks!

Sorry about the delay on the pics. The remaining clay was hard to see yesterday on the wet boat; the lighting was getting low for good pictures, etc. Today the clay was further reduced but, since it seems to act almost like paint, there are places that remain tell-tale colored. Doesn’t show much in the pics, but don’t be surprised.

(I found that even the small size photos I took could not be loaded directly as images–over 256k each; else I would have upped the sizes.)

There are surface scratches, but very slight. the lack of damage by the under-seat valve and where feet might rub on the bottom seems to indicate that the durability of different fabric runs may differ, with this being a particularly durable run. (When I think of the potential variables when producing nominally identical polyurethanes, differences in durability between runs seems likely.)

The boat comes with the repair kit, inflation bag and the (IIRC) original stuff bag:

The spray skirt has not been used much and is basically pristine:

The bottom shows little wear, even where the tapes cross and stick up (dark artifacts are probably grass clippings):

The usual use has been with the skirt stowed:

Last, the area of rub under the seat (I can find no signs of a rub where the valve rests):