SOLD**2017 Alpacka Yak with Sawyer Cedar Surge paddle

SOLD $750 for all
‘17 Alpacka Yak open configuration bright yellow, repair kit, Tyvek tape, Pack attach system and 4 piece Sawyer Cedar Surge II paddle
*Bought this last August and used it for a couple hours on flat water. Been in my office in air conditioning since. Planned on using it this spring but I adopted a rescue dog that has to be with me all the time. There’s no room for an overweight 60 year old and a young shepherd who’s 65lbs. I paid about $1250 for all and I can forward the invoice if you’d like to see it.

PM Sent


For some reason I can’t send a PM right now. If you have not sold the boat I am interested. is my primary email.



I guess I’d be 3rd inline incase the others dont pull the trigger. If that happens feel free to email me at