SF Flathead River - Partner Request

Anyone interested in paddling the SF of the Flathead this summer? Looking for interested people, or would love to join a group if you have room for one more.

I would like to go in over Young’s Pass via Lodgepole Creek TH and hike down Young’s Creek to the first spot that looks floatable. I’m also open to taking out at Mid Creek or running the gorge.


Hey Mark- have you had any luck putting together a trip on the SF Flathead? I am interested in doing that run this summer. Late June looks better for me but with the big snowpack I’m not sure that will be the best timing. I’d love to hear if you have something coming together.


Hey Theresa and Mark! I am interested in doing this trip this summer as well. Flexible as to dates.

Let me know if plans are coming together :slight_smile:


I’m very interested in joining a group for a Bob trip. I’ll be in and around GNP from 7/24 - 8/5. Been trying to do it the last couple years but logistics never worked out, paying $400 - $500 for a vehicle shuttle is not ideal or practical. If I can’t find a group to join this year I may just settle for doing the Bob/White loop instead.

Hey Everyone,

It’s great to see so much interest in this trip. I have been wanting to do this run for several years now and finally decided to make it my priority trip of 2017.

Unfortunately I have no flexibility in my schedule before July 2nd and after August 1st. In that window, I can go on short notice with a 7-10 day opening to get it done. I would love to tentatively schedule something starting the 2nd or 3rd, and then dial it in as we get closer to July.

If you are interested, hit me at coloradoclimber97@gmail.com


I need to be in the Jackson Hole area for the Roundup and then in Alaska by about the 20th of July. Humm…could be tricky to get the timing right. Let me know what you have coming together and I will see if it works with my schedule.

Hi Everyone,
Looking to do a SF Flathead float July 19 - 23
I have a shuttle arranged from Glacier Airport to Lodgepole Creek trailhead 5pm on the 19th, and out from Meadow Creek
19-camp at trailhead
20-hike to Young’s put in, float to Youngs / Danaher (if up for it)
21-float to around White River confluence
22- side trip up White, float a ways toward Meadow Creek.
23-out from Meadow Creek Campground at 12pm.

I know it’s a quick trip…but all my schedule would allow.

If interested: aireid81@yahoo.com