seat mod ideas?

I have an Unrigged explorer. I also have the explorer seat. I took out for the first time a few days ago in my second season with the boat. The explorer seat kept sliding off of the built-in seat beneath it. I’m pretty sure the exp seat was installed properly (attached via provided strap). I also understand to gain additional elevation it is desirable to inflate both the sewn-in seat and the explr seat.

But how do I keep the explorer seat from sliding? When I used the boat last summer, I didn’t have a lot of sliding issues… perhaps the seat is indeed installed wrong!? My height is 5’9.5". I do have room in front of my feet so I won’t be able to brace myself against the tube. I generally spread my legs and press them against the side tubes to hold myself in place.

Any other ideas for modding the seat or other items to use in place of the seat would be greatly appreciated.

i’ve glued industrial strength velcro to both seats to connect one seat atop the other. AquaSeal urethane adhesive works well.


excellent idea. Thanks!