San Juan, Utah: Honaker 2 Slickhorn, March 7-9, 2014

Just picked up a permit for an early season 3 day trip on the San Juan. Basically hike down the Honaker trail to SJ, paddle ~23 miles to the mouth of Slickhorn Canyon, then hike up SC ~16 miles to exit. Fri night on the river, Sat night in SC.

Only info I could find and

There are a few class II rapids but pretty mellow, can walk around Government, the hiking will be off trail and a bit of a grunt but in a beautiful canyon.

Would be nice to have another car for the shuttle. PM or call 801-649-6438 if interested. :slight_smile:

Car for shuttle?


They went down Honaker.

Tough dudes! Ya a bike shuttle is an option but damn that looks like a slow crawl back to Honaker.