Rigging backpack/drybag to Bow

Howdy friends,
I am new to packrafting and am wondering if any of y’all have good descriptions, advice, photos etc etc of good ways to rig my backpack/drybag to the front of my yak. Looking for lightweight options and any super special secret knots or gear that will keep my stuff secured safely to my packraft.
At the moment I have no cords or straps or carabiners attached just the stock loops. :slight_smile:
whatchyall got?!

Pioneered this myself

Those Bow Bags look interesting, but I just had a wild thought! Although different, many folks now make waterproof fishing backpacks. Perhaps one of those packs on the bow or stern might be a cheaper or better option than the Bow Bag.

On the wacky Cowboy side of things, how bout a waterproof set of saddle bags across the tubes? :wink: