Resurrection River

The water was running good Saturday so thought I’d get in a sweet & short bike and paddle run. The mountain trails around here this time of year are a little busy from all the folks getting ready for the big race this 4th of July, so I figure I would go where the crowds were not.
My normal routine for this run is quite simple, I park my truck just past the first bridge on the Exit glacier road take my bike, pack and ride up to the Resurrection Bridge (6mile). I stash my bike in the woods, inflate and go.
The river has a mix of condition from small rapids, sweepers, deep channel then unexpected butt rubs to gravel bar. The river changed from last year but the scenery is breath taking as always. The six plus miles back to the truck made for a good couple hour pleasure work out.

Anyone have any beta on walking in from Cooper Lake then dropping into the Resurrection River near its head?

How high up can it be run? Is the walk to float ratio favorable or at least realistic or is it more like 2:1, walking to floating?