Resurrection River from Upper Russian Lakes access

Seeking beta please . . . .

Has anyone walked into the Upper Russian Lakes and started the hike down the Resurrection River (which ends at Seward, dumping into Res Bay) then put pack rafts on the river at the first place with enough water, floating then to the Exit Glacier Rd bridge or all the way to the Seward Hwy bridge? Sometimes enough water? Rarely enough? Too braided? Too many sweepers? Or . . . . maybe it is just right for pack rafting???

Put in by Exit Glacier Bridge and floated back to Seward today. Rainy and windy but great river reading practice. Choose wisely or you’ll be draggin butt.
Sweepers were easy to avoid. Not sure how fast this trip usually is, but it took about an hour to float from the Exit to Seward Highway bridge.