Palmer to Sutton--Bikeraft Loop

Yesterday I rode from Palmer (Farm Loop Road) up to Sutton on my road bike. Put in at Sutton and floated with bike down to bridge in Palmer. River is floaty with some big eddy fences. Rolled up and biked back up to Farm Loop where I live. Took about 4 1/2 hours total. River is at a good level, you don’t have to worry about shallow sections too much this year. Super mini adventure. A new bikeraft classic?

One other option for this trip is to ride the old railroad grade from palmer to moose creek on a reasonable trail and float downstream from there, or walk up to the highway and continue up to sutton. Ive ice skated from moose creek to above king river but never really looked at the rail grade real closely (sort of remember it might be pretty grown over and had some landslides) so Im not real sure what the trail is like between moose creek and the top of the canyon, but above the canyon to sutton is easily passable on a jeep trail thats on the dry riverbed and then back on the rail grade, which continues to the fire station.