Packrafting Partners East of the Mississippi

Hello Everyone,

I was checking to see if there were any packrafters east of the Mississippi here? It would be nice to find some people to do trips with other than myself. Also, does anyone know of some great rivers in the east for packrafting? I have had some problems with rangers and minimum size restrictions on the rafts. Most of the popular rivers seem to be regulated with 8 foot raft minimums. Has anyone else run into those problems and were you able to make a successful argument around the regulations?


Hi, I’m kind of nomadic, but my “permanent” address in in Ohio, SE of Dayton, and I pass through there fairly regularly. Where in Ohio are you? I just got a packraft and am enjoying it in Quebec right now, but when I am in Ohio would like to see what I can do there. I want to run Clifton Gorge, but I know it’s not exactly allowed.

Clifton Gorge looks fun. I am from Cleveland Area, but spend most of my time in PA. The only place I have floated in Ohio is the Cuyahoga near me, which is an after work thing.