Packrafting + Paragliding = Bliss

I am the new owner of a brand new packraft, and I am also the owner of a Paraglider.

I had an interesting idea. Does anybody want to do a packrafting/paragliding trip down the Bear River in Wyoming/Utah/Idaho. Along the Bear River there are tons of flying sites within easy hiking distance, and I can envision a trip in which you both fly through the air, and float down the river.

Think about it. I’m looking for partners who already know how to fly paragliders. I am very familair with the flying sites along the way.

Now is your opportunity to be a part of the first Fly and Float adventure. The Lunatic Fringe of the Lunatic Fringe…

Hey, sweet idea. I thought about it a lot too. The fly 'n float theme sounds not only phonetically appealing.
Hiking up, flying the steeper slopes and valleys (where rafts cant go), rafting further down (where elevation drop is too little for Paragliding). I used to try paragling a while ago, but never got to the point being familiar with:

Besides, I am Europe based, so cant join your trip, but waiting eagerly to see the report. However, I am wondering what equipment you plan to “hikeflynfloat”. This is the thing what really put me off with Paragliding (next to its costs and time requirement). The lightest setup I could come up with was ~ 6 kg:

Ozone ultralite 2,9 kg
Subair airbag light 0,8 kg
Subair Everest harness 0,33 kg
skylite rescue 1 kg
Helm 0,2 kg

Adding the Packrafting and camping equipment I was way beyond my comfort zone …