Packrafting NYC

So far there are three of us, at least that I know, in the NYC area. If you’re interested in joining us for a drink to discuss trip ideas, share transportation, etc., post here or send me a PM.

3 years later…

If anyone is in the area, I’m looking to do some weekend trips (day to 1-2 nights). My experience is limited to a packraft trip along a class II river in Alaska. As a result, Class I - II is preferred, as I’m a looking to gain more comfort with maneuvering and reading currents.


I’ve just got an Alpacka Yukon and I live about an hour north of NYC (in Beacon, NY).

I did two trips so far, once on the Moodna Creek in Newburgh, and another on the Hudson Gorge. I have a lot of kayaking experience already, so I got the raft to do hiking/whitewater and to do runs like the Hudson which can be done as overnight trips.

There is a run close to here called the Mongaup, which has a release schedule and is a class II+. it would be a blast in an Alpacka, and it’s releasing this Saturday (july 13th). See schedule here:

I’ll be going, but taking a kayak this time. Let me know if you’re interested. Also, I’m looking to plan some overnight raft/hike trips - but I’m not sure what other runs accept the Hudson to plan for yet.

There is also a release on the Esopus which is on the 21st which I am going to. On top of that is the Sacandaga which releases almost every day in the summer, and is a perfect class II starter run.

There is plenty more that runs naturally, and with all this rain much of it has been up.

3 days later…

Make that 5! I’m in the Bethlehem area. Got my Llama a month ago. Taken it on the Lehigh from Glen to Slatington. Man it felt invincible. Not sure when I’ll get out next ( just glued the tiedowns for thighstraps ) as I work the next 6 days in a row and am headed out to Utah for some canyoneering after that.

So far the big trip I’m planning for my packraft this year besides the lehigh, is a bike rafting trip along the Dumoine River (I/II with one or two III) in Quebec. for a rough idea check out ==>

We should all get together!


And I’ll throw my hat in the ring as well! I live in NYC and just got my Denali Llama delivered a couple of weeks ago. I love that I can keep a freakin boat in my tiny apartment, then haul it anywhere. On its inaugural trip I took a subway then a bus out to Jamaica Bay and put in at a public marina. Then was visiting a friend in SoCal for the 4th and packed it with me for some paddling in Newport Bay. No river experience in it yet (and none to speak of in kayaks either) so I’m probably not down for more than a relatively mild river trip at this point (plus hiking, of course). But would absolutely love to meet up with some fellow packrafters in the area and have some adventures. I posted an open letter to NYC/Northeast packrafters over at BPL and got no love, but seems like things are happening here!

Hope to see you all soon!


Anyone want to do the Lehigh on Saturday or sunday? I’m good for whatever length trip.

btownmountain, I would go to the Lehigh on Sunday, but there is a Mongaup release on that day and that is closer for me.

If you want to try the Mongaup let me know, it’s a great river and releases every other weekend in the summer, alternating Saturday and Sunday.

In fact if anyone wants to do the Mongaup Sunday, July 27 2014 I’m going, email me at


Hey Seankraft,

A few of us are doing the lehigh on sunday but definitely take photos. I’m done for going at some point for sure!

I hope you all had a good time on the Lehigh, there’s another Mongaup release tomorrow (08/09) if you’re interested.


Would anyone like to do an overnighter in the ADKs this weekend? I have plans on Saturday night but I’m free Fri-Sat or Sun-Mon. Lemme know!


Hey all,

Took my llama out on the lehigh this past saturday. The combination of a dam release and overnight rain had the water level up to 2200 cf/s ( full 1000 more than most release weekends ) and the trip was awesome. As usual I parked at the Glen and rode my bike with the raft on the back upriver. I opted for going the whole way up to White Haven for a full 21 mile gorge rafting trip. The high water let for 7-10 ft wave trains (some even higher) and some awesome spray. It was also the first time I had the bike strapped to the front ( I usually lock it up and return for it later ) and this is definitely the way to go in the future! The raft was slightly harder to handle but not so much that I ever had to think twice about where I was going. Snapped this photo inbetween rapids:

Gotta say I’m loving my llama. After the initial getting to know her stage, I’m running her thru everything I can throw at her. Haven’t been flipped yet!

Hiking to Mt. Marcy next weekend and plan to packraft back to Brooklyn. spent some serious cash at, but have maps from Lake tear of the Clouds all the way down to Yonkers. If anyone is interested in paddling a section with us or has any crucial beta please PM me.


Anyone up for the Lehigh on saturday? Dam release weekend.

I’m in, put in? Time?

Jesse. 917.664.6663

Just saw datesand I’m a week late. I’d be down for future releases

It’s good to see some folks here in my neck of the woods pack rafting. This is my first post seeking partners in the NY/NJ-New England region. I reside just north of Albany, and am willing to travel. I’d be happy to plan trips near me, plenty of ADK water/routes. Good for both day trips and overnights etc. I’m a UL backpacker getting into this sport. I have extensive backpacking/hiking, kayaking experience.seeking pr1 to pr3 trips, eventually adding pr4 throughout upcoming seasons.


Just moved to NJ. Got a packraft but have yet to take it out for a ride. Little rafting experience but I have taken a swiftwater rescue class. I’m interested in joining you guys on a trip.


I just got my packraft and I’m looking to start taking some trips with spring. I’d like to do it with a few people here since I don’t know anybody else with a packraft.

Hi everyone,

Did you guys ever get out last year? I’m in Connecticut and looking for packrafting buddies. You can reach me at