Packrafting in Norway

We are new packraft owners, experienced ww boaters, looking to do something mellow but adventurous in Norway next July/August. Could be a flatwater trip around an iceberg-choked lake, or perhaps a downriver trip somewhere. Looking for four or five days total, nothing too committing. We are class IV boaters in the east, have done a number of fly-in trips in the Arctic, so are pretty self-contained and resourceful…but never been to Norway. Any ideas or suggestions welcomed!

You might want to check out Jostedal, Norway. I met the owner of Ice Troll a few years ago. He’s managed to make a business taking people onto the glaciers and kayaking on the Jostedalsbreen Glacier lake. This is an area with a couple national parks, and there’s also some whitewater paddling. It’s pretty developed, by Alaskan standards.

About 3 hours out of Oslo, you find the Trysil River. This might be good for a few days of mostly mellow paddling with some Class 2, and you can camp just about anywhere.

Thabks. Any ideas or suggestions welcomed!


Does anyone know if there is any laws or restriction for using a packraft on Oslo Lakes? I will be on vacations there on September - October and want to know if it is allowed to use the lakes for this kind of activities. I assume there won’t be any restrictions, but better asking the community than receive any surprises from local authorities.

Any help would be appreciated.

No restrictions.

Here is a link to a brochure about the right to roam in Norway:

Thank you Mase!!!
Great information!!!