Packrafting book

I live in the UK and I’m trying to get hold of a copy of Roman Dial’s "Packrafting " book.
But where ever I look folk seem to want more for shipping than they want for the book does anyone know where I can get one without paying over the top for shipping ??

They don’t sell it in the UK.

I have the same problem (Germany). used to sell an electronic (PDF) version, but they shut down that offer. “Not available anymore” (Ryan Jordan). Can anyone from the Alpack community help out?

It seems like it still is available here, .
I bought my version from, and that was in the same format. You have to use the Zinio reader to read it.



Many Thanks for the link it looks good, the sample pages they had on Backpackinglight put me off buying it as it made it look dull.

But your link makes me want a copy, I’d prefer the book to the online version as I would have to buy a laptop to read it in the bath.


Great! You can almost read it online. Think I will buy a copy for print myself.

Can you transform the special format in a PDF version?