Packraft vs. Alligator?

Does anyone have any experience with Alligators/Caimans in South America/anywhwere? Thinking about Peru and Ecuador as a destination but we’re a little concerned about being eaten, having no experience/knowledge regarding alligators. Anything helps!


I’m guessing that in a Packraft -v- Alligator attack situation, the Packrafter has a very, very bad day!

Remember Hendrik Coetzee…

I’ve completed a two week long trip in the everglades two years ago. Alligator were quite often on my mind; I imagine they could snap the paddle if they decided to.

However boating in these water is a very popular activity and the maps are very well documented; hence I Imagine this never happen.

The most scary party is when you non intentionally corner an alligator in a bay or a stream. They move very fast agitating the water, very scary when you don`t expect it. They are just trying to run away. This happened maybe 3 or 4 times.

I did see a lot of alligators of different sizes. Maybe 10 or 15.

I think your concerns, just like mine was, is probably over exaggerated. Caiman are much smaller as well. I would be much more scared of other human beings if I was you :slight_smile:

My two cents

Thank you for the presentation of the ideas in the various sections that are considered a good experience.

Princess Crown

Hi from. Ecuador, come and enjoy!, if you can packraft with alligators near, you Will love to see them, even the pirahnas in the jungle doesnt attack when you are swimming, I learn That in my Last trip to the jungle, the animals are more safe than we think