Pack recommendations .. Special requirements, kinda.

Ok packrafters, I’m looking for a pack. I would just buy a HMG porter ULA Epic but I have my own set of requirements. Because of a leg and hip issue from a motorcycle wreck years ago I can’t really back pack any more or carry a large load on my back very far. But I can portage gear on the river and move it around from car to plane to train to river.
I will be traveling to Alaska this summer for numerous packraft trips and next winter in Mexico for the same.

My requirements are:

Durability while traveling ie: Can be thrown around by baggage handlers both domestic third world. Survive the at times nasty cargo hold on a Latin American bus.

Big enough for an alpacka Denali llama with ww spray deck and all associated gear. Plus associated back country gear and food. I’m thinking about 70L + or - .

Light and packable. Must easily fit and stow nicely threw the cargo fly on my Alpacka when empty. Light in important as everything else will be as light as I can get ( for the most part). I’m trying to keep as much weight off my leg and hips as possible.

Water proof or highly water resistant ie: everything stays totally dry in an hour long tropical down poor with the pack out in the open or on top of a bus

Ideally, not flashy.

My best guess is the ULA Epic would be a better choice. I think the suspension should be fine even with a heavy load as I’m most likely not going to be carrying it more than a mile. But not having used or even seen ether the ULA or HMG packs I’m just speculating. Any thought on the Exped 60L?

Mostly, I’m looking for is what I might have missed. Any other packs out there that fit my requirements?