Open Floor comparable to Watermaster?

Hello, new member in Seattle area and have been researching Alpackas, watermasters etc…for past few months. I am die hard fisherman and love the Alpacka for the price and weight but the watermaster is appealing due to the oar system and open floor as I can navigate w fins as I fish down river, stand up and fish with boat etc…heard a rumor that Alpacka might be coming out with a boat to compete with Watermaster and I would be willing to wait if true? If not, I need to get on the water soon:) Cheers

I too badly want such a boat to happen.

I would love to help demo a floorless, lightweight Alpacka w ability to row and/or paddle but use fins to free up hands to fish downriver…any ideas?

This is a project. We don’t know where it’s going to go, but we have sacrificed a couple boats into the soulless meat grinder of Experiment (cringe :smiling_imp: ). A presentable prototype is a ways out, but we’re experimenting with the technology.

Safe to say there’ll always be a substantive difference between a Water Master and an Alpacka. The Watermaster is a beefy boat with a comparatively “full featured” design. Our direction is more toward light weight. So, while a floorless kickboat from us based on the Explorer wouldn’t be emphasizing light weight in the same way that the main line boats are, it would still be built on the “carry it and your camping gear” approach.

I recently posted some ideas and questions about coverting an FE into a floorless kick boat on the DIY/Design (DIY Raft) section of the Board. I think an “Alpackaized” version of a floorless kick boat for fishing floats would be a great addition to the fleet. I have some thoughts on the design details but I’m sure your on the right track if you’re working on a prototype. Big Q is when would one be available? I’m seriously considering getting a Watermaster (an excellent boat for its purpose) by summer but would be willing to wait if an Alpacka version is on the way. :question:

A test boat was sent to a fishing group in Washington for the final design ideas. We are very close in finalizing and should have this floorless FX on the website sometime mid February. We are looking good! :smiley:

That’s good news and based on that timeline, I’ll wait to see the result. Any general info you can release now, e.g. approximate length, width, tube size, weight etc?

The floorless model will be exactly 2" longer than the FX and with all the trimmings; which include the removable floor you can stand on, the rowing system, seat, etc…it weighs in at 13lbs. Without the removable floor and the rowing system, it weighs in at 9lbs. This boat has the same tube width and is certainly an eye catcher.

We wants it, my precious.

I am starting a list for the Floorless FX. If you would like to have your name on it, please email me at:
Cheers and have a Happy Thanksgiving! :sunglasses: