On book tour near you?

I should have let you all know about this much earlier… Erin and I are on a second book tour, and would love to have any of you come check out our presentation. We show lots of photos and a few videos, Erin does some readings from her book, and we show a selection of our gear.

Gear includes Erin’s Alpacka that went the whole way, with field repairs of damage from a bear and dragging the boat over ice. Also a dental floss and aquaseal repaired paddle.

Our whole schedule is up here:
We’ll be in Colorado in a few days, and up in Montana after that.

Unfortunately I’m posting this after we’ve already left California. We did one presentation in Salt Lake, and there were some packraft folks there, which reminded me I should post here!

Excellent! See you in Missoula on the 6th. I’m rallying what troups I can, too.