(not) WANTED: Alpaca or Yak (found a boat)

Hey guys,
I am looking for an Alpaca or a Yukon Yak, preferably decked… I am trying to hook a friend up (so I have company!), so if anybody is getting rid of their “kit”, I might be interested in paddle/pfd/etc…

I have a 2009 Yukon Yak for sale in great condition that has a spray deck on it. I also have a 2-piece Aquabond kayak paddle that I can throw in.

Here are a few pics of the raft:

I’ll take $850 for the setup shipped. Or $800 for just the boat and $75 for the paddle.

Thanks for the offer - I would definitely jump on it, had we not ordered that exact same boat in the new style! I am curious to see if they really track better on open water…
Anyways, thanks again. Good luck with the boat!