Newbie - Looking For People's Suggestions

Hi There! Now I am a new person here with with just joining and do live here in Jackson Hole, Wyoming. I have been bitten by this packrafting bug bigtime. Am looking here for people’s opinions and suggestions as to what packraft would be best to get. Am about 5’10" and want a packraft that can be used on the wild rivers and waterways here in Northwest Wyoming particularly in the Teton and Washakie Wildernesses with also at times down in like the Escalante in Southern Utah. Personally I usually spend all summer back in the deep wilderness wandering about all summer. And do think a good packraft would be such a huge delightful addition to my summer wanderings. In looking this over on the Alpaca raft site … am leaning to the Yak for the one to purchase. But what do others here think.

Thanks for everyone’s imput and Wishing Everyone the Best!