newbe here

Hi all,
I’m a complete newby, I’ve never packrafted before.

I’m primarily a fisherman, so most of my experience is rowing drift boats or small inflatable on rivers that rarely get to class2.

I’m 5’10"; 230lb heavy guy.

I’m looking to get an alpacka yak(L) or Mule(XL); (currently $100 off on alpacka site).

Any recommendations?
Apparently the yak is sufficient for my height, but should I go for the larger mule cause of my weight?

Also, I’m confused by all the configurations.

Can I get by with the OPEN, or should I spend more and get the cruiser deck which I think is removable?

hike up New Zealand rivers fishing, float back down. (I figure if I can walk up it, I can portage down anything I think is too difficult)

My question is that if I do get more adventurous, am I severely limiting myself by getting the cheaper Open deck configuration?


if it helps: I’m new to this game too and 5’11" and 200lb with clothes. I have rafted with my 26 lb bike and a small ruck sack on the Yak (which fits me perfectly) and buoyancy was no issue. I wouldnt want the larger one, I dont think…its a nice fit to have my feet braced against the bow tube.

I have a cruiser deck and no cargo zip - its gritty here in scotland and i was concerned re zip contamination leading to some air loss and didnt need the stowage as low in the boat as i’m not aiming (yet) for white water…just Loch crossing and some mellow river floating…


Im 5’8" and 125 pounds. I have an alpacka scout which i fit in and its relatively comfortable. I also have a ww decked yak and it fits just right. I would personally size up to the llama if i were you. Once you bury yourself under a skirt its alot tighter, almost claustrophobic really. On on long days its nice to be able to stretch out a little. Also of you can afford a deck, any deck, get one. Its nice for rain, chop on lakes, paddle splash and of course white water. Also ot can make a nice table for fishing gear when your switching out lures.

thanks guys,

yes, I’ll go for the larger size.

i’ll probably go for the open and make my own deck if I need it.

Ive seen some diy decks that strap to the tiedowns points that look like they’ll do the trick, so no real mods to the boat

Hello and welcome to the forum!

I got an explorer 42 for solo river fishing with my pup if I feel like bringing her… otherwise I’m hoping the Alpacka description of it being the easiest big raft to solo paddle is true, If I can rig something to make it stable in up to class 2. If you haven’t made a decision I’ll let you know how my explorer 42 fairs.