New to Packrafting Melbourne

Hi all,

Just wanted to shout out to any Victorians out there. I recently bought a packraft and interested in getting some skills up on class 2 water. Let me know who you are, where you are and when your going out so I might be able to join you. I have been kayakinga nd rafting for a while so I’m not completely new to water! markfowler(at)netspace(dot)net(dot)au 0422360043


This Friday 22nd June going to head to Big River to touch up some packrafting skills. Planning just to paddle chaffe creek to Big River Bridge and workshop some rapids. Who wants to come and will meet me at Big River Bridge 10am? Should be off the river by 4pm. Let me know if you are keen to join.

Well, no responses so I won’t be there. Gonna do something else instead. (Kayaking)!

Hi Mark,

Sorry to see that you have had no responses for packrafting trips either here or on AdventurePro!

Perhaps Linden’s comment on AdventurePro that ‘packrafting is for nerds’ scared off others’ responses? :slight_smile:

If I lived in Vic I would have got in contact with you but I will hassle my brother and several packrafting/kayaking friends to do so.

If/when you come down to Tassie let me know as always keen for a paddle.

Have a great kayak this weekend particularly if you end up on the Kiewas! At the right level Kiewas would be great adventure in a packraft.

Cheers, Mark


Sorry for not getting in contact sooner!

Rob and I are planning an overnight trip on weekend July 21/22 in Vic. At this stage thinking Thomson, but we are open to any other ideas, happy to be guided by what you think would be a good paddle, really.

We are beginners but keen and probably over-confident. I will send you a text so you have my number.

Also, anyone else wanting some overnight paddling, feel free to join in!


Hey Mark & JP,

I am also in Melbs and new to pack rafting, keep me posted on any up coming trips! Would love to tag along.


Hi guys,

Dan here in Geelong.

Open to amusing adventures if and when I can make it.

I often bike around 10km to a put in on the Barwon river with the alpacka strapped to the handle bars in a bikepacking carrier that I make, then strap the bike to the top and paddle down around 7 km to then ride another 10km home, great morning adventure!

Haven’t seen any other packrafters in Geelong…



heelerdog at gmail dot com

Hi all, I am in Castlemaine, Vic and would be
keen to hook up for any trips as well.

Moggy, what adventures are in Castlemaine?

I am fairly new to the area but the local waterways I have seen
seem a bit narrow and clogged with obstructions.
I have enjoyed a run on big river recently but its
a shorter drive from melbourne than here.

I have some time free 12 - 14th September (Wed - Fri). Keen for a packrafting trip if anyone else is around. Perhaps Big River (top of the Mitta Mitta)? Or perhaps Indi from Limestone Creek to Tom Groggin? Open to other suggestions from anyone else who might be free. Just looking for a 2-3 day trip on mainly class 2-3 water. Let me know your thoughts.

Upper Indi is a fun few hours and easy car shuffle, can’t do mid week sadly or I would duck up for a paddle.


What section does this vid show? From what I know limestone creek to Tom groggin is a 2-3 day journey with an epic car shuttle …

The vid is the last 7-8 kms above Tom Groggin. I would like to paddle Leatherbarrel Creek down to Tom Groggin at some stage too, would be a good/difficult paddle.

I have some friends that did leatherbarral to Tom Groggin in kayaks. They were a group of 4 solid boaters and they described it as being continious, difficult, lots of logs and drops. From the photos they took it looks like lots of class 4-4+. Doesn’t sound like the type of thing I am keen to attempt to kayak at the moment let along packraft.

Hey Mark, might be up for a trip mid Sept, keep me posted. Haydn.

Me too,will be in touch


I would be keen as well. I’d be hitting you up for a lift though Mick;)

If anyone is up for some day/half day trips on beginner water close to Melbs on the weekends let me know - Cheers Haydn