New Sydney Packrafter!

Hi Everyone,
I’ve been lurking here for a few years now, but recently bought my new decked Yak during the christmas sale. I’m very interested in going on group trips if there are if anyone is keen (would like to do my first ww trip with some experienced peeps).

I do lots of UL hiking all over, and have posted a few trips on BPL. I’m looking at the Colo for a weekend trip when the water is good.

Would love to have access at Penrith if they allow packrafters, to gets more ww experience.

Hi Nick - Welcome ! I’m also Sydney based and new to packrafting.

So far the few trips I have done are mainly flatwater and minor rapids, though I’m keen to learn whitewater as well.

Look forward to catching up with some of the Sydney packrafters for a trip at some stage.



Hi Nick,
In a month or so I’ll try and organise a low grade trip as I’m keen to catch up with a few others too. Hopefully we can get some experienced guys n girls along.

Looking forward to any trips guys.

A good forecast this saturday morning (no wind that is) means a trip out on the Pittwater for some paddling practise.

Welcome guys, I try to organise a group paddle at least once or twice a year so keep your eye on here for details, I have a little more time on my hands now that I have stopped owner building and self employment so hopefully this year I will get to paddle some more.

Keep me in the loop Darren for any of the Snowies or southern river stuff I would be keen (along with growing Southern crew of rafters).


Will do Steve. I’d like to catch up before winter arrives. :slight_smile:

Hey Nick

Welcome to PR, loads of fun! I was thinking about the Colo as a 2 day trip over the long weekend - ie thursday 26 Jan/friday/saturday, its supposed to be a 2 day trip but have been told that nav into the gorge can be tricky and take time. Water dependant but grades range from 2-4 with portage around Kings rapid (4). Supposed to be a very speci trip…

I cant see why you cant paddle Penrith, I would like to take my PR down at some stage. Im based in Canberra, but also looking for fellow PR to paddle with, they are few and far between :slight_smile:

Leme know if anyone interested…?


G’day Nick, Sharon, Dale.
I’m also a sydney based packafter.

I’ve done whitewater trips on the Barrington, Kangaroo, Colo and Tuross thus far and also use the raft as a fishing vehicle.

I’m a little tied up for the next month or two moving but will be keen to meet up with some others for trips after that.



The Colo could come up a bit in the next day or two. Take care if doing any of the upper sections. Check the gauges if you can before leaving and watch the local rain forecast.

Did anyone head to the Colo?
Might have been an interesting trip.

Thats quite the rise