New Packrafting Book

Beartooth Mountain Press announced a how-to packrafting book today at:

It’s the first book ever on packrafting and it’s in color. It describes how to paddle, how to pack, what gear you need and also a bunch of stories illustrating use of a packraft.

The “tips and techniques” page on the Alpacka Web page is great but this book has more depth and breadth and offers a variety of viewpoints on how to paddle, as well.

Plus, it might help me get my kids through college!

Many congrats and best wishes for much success with this book. The Internet is fine but nothing beats getting a publication in print. And you’re the first author to get a title out devoted to the subject. Great stuff. I’m going to wait until I can buy a hard copy when its published in the summer.

It might be an idea to give the title here for people searching later on Amazon, etc:

PACKRAFTING: an Introduction and How To Guide
by Roman Dial

Can’t wait to read it. Good luck.

Where can I get it online? (I did a search with Amazon–no dice)

Glenn, it’s apparently not available just yet:

“We’re sorting out the digital download issues with the media provider.
I’ll post more to you and in that forum within a week,” is what my publisher said.

The hardcopy book will reach our shores in May and get distributed in June is my understanding.


Congrats on book… I can’t wait to get one.

Apparently a digital download of the book is available now at, for $20 to members and $25 to non-members. is a good site for packrafters interested in how to keep their gear weight minimal. It has active forums and some really in-depth gear testing and gear modifcation/make-you-own articles. I paid $25 to become a member and it’s been valuable to me. I’ve seen Forrest and Hig and Erin in the Forums there…

Anyway, here’s the link to the digital book

I don’t know any more than that and that the print version date has now been pushed to June 29.

I went ahead and bought my own digital version.

It’s pretty cool and wasn’t hard to get. It’s downloaded as a Zinio Reader file and looks good on my computer. I am anxious to have something to hold in my hands, but this will do for now.

I hope you all buy one!

I ordered the digital copy from BPL. I haven’t gotten the email to access it yet, but I’m eager.
Will post with opinions soon.

I got the book and read it last night. I’d say it’s pretty much essential reading. It covers the basics thoroughly, has very sound safety advice, introduces some new terminology (“bander-snatch”, the PR rating system) and ends with some very entertaining stories of packrafting adventures. Great job.

Is this available in Anchorage yet, or just the digital version available? After seeing one of these at the Anchorage Outdoors show, I am really excited to learn more about packrafting.


My father sent me a link to a vidcast about a packrafting trip. I’ve been canoeing all my life, and I’m very interested in learning more about packrafting! I order the book today, hopefully it will ship soon!

I just wnat to say thanks to Roman Dial, for doing this book. I am on my second season with my Yak, but sure learned a lot from his book. I have the Digital version.

Finally found it! The book is available from the publisher.

I just ordered one for myself.

Ian Thomas called me today and said that the books are at Alaska Mountaineering and Hiking.