New Guy

Hey all,
Just wanted to do a quick introduction. I did some white water rafting when I was younger and recently have found myself with some spare time and decided to get into packrafting. I started with a cheap ($60) raft from amazon and started running the White River here in Indianapolis. It is a pretty flat lazy river around here but it is a great work out and still tons of fun being in the city. (I can kinda “Park Hop” across the city using the river and the hike trials/roads back) I have been doing minimalistic camping trips for a long time and I plan on, in 2 or so years, taking a 1200mile bike rafting trip with my dog (starting in Colorado and ending in my home town in Missouir).

Basically, I am here for advice and community. Some info is hard to find on these topic due to the abundance of similar info (laws, regulations, fees, equipment). Namely, I am looking for advice on what kind of bike to use, good free camping sites along the South Platte, Platte, Missouri, and Mississippi Rivers, etc.
I think I have my gear list pretty well sorted out, and I am starting to acquire some of the smaller items that I don’t already have, but before I make any of my big purchases, I would love some to have someone to talk to who has been through it before.

Anyway, Thanks for reading and for advice in advance.