New Guy needing some Gnu Feedback

First off, let me say it’s my first day on the board and I’m excited to be a contributing member.

Here’s my story in about three sentences. I am a father of three awesome kids. My wife and I were on a date two weeks ago and as we were sitting in the car about to head home after dinner she handed me a envelope. Inside was a very sweet card thanking me for taking care of her and the kids and at the bottom it said something like, so, please make sure you buy yourself that boat you’ve always wanted. Boom. Here I am.

With that said, a bit of irony, I have yet to own a packraft or even see one in person. I have only read, watched videos and scoured websites checking out models and designs. Obviously, what I’ve found so far is that the endearing quality of this sport is that there is an unlimited amount of use and purpose for the boats and as such there’s a hundred reasons to buy or not to buy a particular model.

So, thank you in advance for any suggestions/advice to a newbie.

I’m looking at the Alpacka Gnu. I’ll only be using it on mid to larger rivers with rapids up to class III. There will be times when my brother will join me, so I need a raft that could, at times, take on some bigger water with two guys aboard. Lastly, I have never paddled a raft before and I don’t really intent on canoe paddling. I do have experience rowing a pontoon boat and a drift boat. I’m curious about what it’s like to paddle a Gnu alone (kayak style) and or with two people. Lastly, I’m curious if any of you have the packable row frame and what it’s like in rapids. I’m not looking for white water adventure, just looking to get from point A to point B safely in some larger flows.




You’ve asked a lot of broad questions, requiring lots of typing on the part of those whom might have the answers you seek.

But it’s high summer, and not many people have (or are willing to spend) the time to spend answering.

Consider tightening up your questions and you might get more responses.

Gnu is plenty capable in class III with a competent crew. Kayak paddle works best with a solo, but rowing and canoe-style both work too.

Good luck,


You don’t swing you never hit the ball. Given you want your brother to come some trips and your description of what you are wanting to do I’d just jump in and get the GNU and start rafting easy stuff. Sweet wife

I’d say it’s the perfect family and wife packraft.

If I’d had one thirty years ago, my wife would like the water.

Instead I tortured her in wee boats where she froze.

Amazing we are still together.

I think the high pressure GNU in vectran is the best family packraft out there.

Buy it then get a card that gives your wife what she has always wanted

Thanks for the info