New boat, some questions and thoughts.

Ok, one virgin Packraft in my living room floor and some decisions to make. I have a Denali Llama with the ADP-4 skirt placement and heaver than standard deck fabric. I have 6 PVC D-rings on order from Cascade outfitters and I’m thinking about placement. So in a perfect world, where should the backhand be?

A little about me and what I will be doing with the boat. Long time ww kayaker and this boat will be my ticket to traveling to Mexico, Alaska this summer …well anywhere by plane. I won’t be carrying it much as I have a bad leg and hip from a motorcycle wreck years ago. So no backpacking just humping gear to the river and paddling for the most part. I’m looking to maximize WW performance and since I’m starting with a clean slate I want to do it right.

I’m guessing as far forward as i can get it would be the place for the seat. At the moment sitting in the boat with seat in and new sprayskirt on with my knees in the knee bumps, the seat is in an odd spot. If I position myself knees in pockets and where when I lean far forward and lean way back I put no stress on the skirt, the seat lashing tabs don’t line up at all. There is no overlap on the tabs at all. I emailed alpacka and they said even though they move the cockpit 4 inches forward with the ADP-4 deck they don’t move the seat lacing tabes accordingly. And that there should be enough overlap to lace in the seat. If I move the seat 4 inches forward from the ‘standard’ lacing position corresponding to the decks new position, the cockpit rim hits me in the back if I lean back at all. So, if I want to use the seat in the passion that puts no stress on the skirt and has my legs in the right position for the knee bumps I need to move the seat forward another three inches to a place where the seat lacing tabes don’t overlap any more. If they had just moved the seat lacing tabes the corresponding 4 inches forward everything would be fine. Why the decide to do this is beyond and me ( it was a decision I’m told and not an oversight) .

The photos are A. The seat in the standard position + 4 inches. Skirt doesn’t fit well in this possion and the cockpit rim hits my back very easely. Most likly even with a backband installed.

Photo B. This is the possion in which the skirt fits best with no stress leaning forward or back but the lacing tabe no longer overlap.

Photo C. Seat forward ( non overlap) difrent perspective.

Any slick ideas on how to attach the seat to the boat?

Still trying to decide on a the best backband and set up.

Anything you would do differently given a clean slate?

What is the current “sweet” set up?


Ack!.. Pictures too big… With try another way to post them.

Ok… Super simple and obvious solution. Pick the stitches of the tab and re stitch further back in the position that works best.

All other questions still stand like what is the optimal spot for the seat all other things be dammed :slight_smile:


Order some PVC tube material from Cascade Outfitters, either sew on a new longer tab to the seat or have a piece with two rows of holes above and below. The first lower row threads to the seat connecting the front tab to the back tab, the upper row now can be threaded to the ones on the boat. Or the simple solution is to just make a new attachment point for the boat from the PVC material and glue it on where you want it.

My seat is moved forward 4+ inches (the extent of where it can still thread on but only uses some of the holes) but my backband moves me foreword 8ish inches, I just sit on the seat where it puts me and it works fine, but I do not have the skirt with pre determined knee placement and the issues that may have. The other set up I have is with a seat I made that actually fits and is moved 7-8" forwarder and also work’s below a rigid seat.



Thanks Kirk,
That quit the outfitted llama! Gives me lots of ideas and a pile of things to think about.

Are you from Oregon by any chance. I’m in Seattle but was raised on Oregon and lived and boated out of Eugene for years…


Yep from Oregon, grew up Eugene area but now in Bend.