Needle and Thread?




I am wondering what is the best type of needle and thread to carry on a long expedition in the unlike’y event of a large tear? Big needle or small needle? Dental floss? fishing line? or other thread?

Maybe Sheri can chime in on this one.



Hi Mike,

I know Hig & Erin carried a needle and dental floss. Their primary choice for the floss was because of the handly little box it comes in.

They repaired a bear-claw rip in the side using a herringbone stitch and Aquaseal. Maybe Hig can post a photo of it here? It’s pretty impressive.

Are you going for the Fishing?

Have a look at Gel spun fishing line (braided or fused polyethylene microfibers) , very high strength to thickness/weight ratio (ie strong and light), zero stretch, breaking strains well above what they are rated too, non toxic… wonderful stuff. Only down side is you need to tie good knots in it to preventthe knots slipping.