Move seat forward or drybag at feet?

I just got a Yak and I am 5’8", so right between boat sizes but I am very happy I went with the yak for more stability and extra room for gear. I have the whitewater deck and have run it through some good class 3 whitewater and am ready to make some modifications such as thigh straps, etc.

I see that a lot of people move their seats forward. I like this idea because the combing for the skirt is really uncomfortable on my back and I feel more stable with my knees bent, but I also worry that it will pop the skirt off if I move too far forward (I didn’t get the special new skirt that Alpacka makes because I wasn’t sure what I would want and didnt want to shell out the extra $100).

So I guess I am wondering if I can achieve the same effect by just adding a d-ring into the front where my feet are and use a small drybag to rest my feet against. Is it really that much of an entanglement hazard? I can bend my knees without the skirt popping off right now, but I am not sure what moving forward will do.