Mountain Laurel Designs "The Thing" -- unapproved UL PFD

I worked with Ron Bell to develop a 4-oz EPIC vest that will accommodate up to four 80-oz Platypus water bottles (equivalent to 20 lbs of flotation), or three if you intend to use the backrest on your packraft. Should be useful in cutting some of the weight out of my pack during my upcoming Alaska-Yukon Expedition. He just went commercial with it:

(Another idea is to put sleeves inside your drysuit or rain jacket to hold these bladders…)

Thanks Andrew for helping advance the sport!

Attached are some images of my home made “wine bladder” thing which we have been using for the last three years - the shell is made from 1.1oz ripstop, which enclose, through a zip in the lower seam, a 10l wine bladder at the front and another at the back. The bladder is folded to fit the shape of the vest. There are 2 x 1" webbing adjustable straps on each side, and a 1" webbing belt around the waist, to which things can be attached more securely.
The bladders are very useful for a pillow or water bag around camp.

The thing itself is also very useful if you want to look like a dickhead:

Alternatively, we have found another use for it, although this cannot of course be recommended:

Andrew A

That first photo screams out ‘Caption Competition’.

Seriously, they look great, a very professional appearance, and the spraydeck’s look good too.

What does it weight? Looks really good.
Some more detailed pic would be appreciated.
Many thanks, S

Cool; I like the DIY rig, Andrew.

A comment on using your raincoat to hold bladders or air mattresses: I’ve done this; it can be done, but I urge caution: a friend of mine bailed with flotation stuffed under his rain coat, and the zipper blew out. He lost his flotation and almost drowned - so that tactic is only as good as the structural integrity of coat.

Some piccies of my “?” below for those who need some inspiration for a fairly simple DIY project:

Zips along lower border for inserting bladder
Velcro tag on chest holds carabiner on one end of throw bag - the other end is attached to waist webbing

10l wine/milk bladders - folded to fit.

Size of shell without wine bladders - weight 120g. Wine bladders x 2 add another 140g