Most amazing river in South America

Hi all -

I’ve just finished producing the third Remote River Man DVD - REWA: Guyana’s Primeval River. It’s available for sale now through my website at
This was an incredible experience - 5 weeks accompanied by a Makushi tribesman (an expert at primitive bow and arrow fishing and jungle survival) into the upper reaches of perhaps the most isolated, pristine and wildlife-saturated river in all of South America. Giant otters, tapirs, monkeys, monster fish and awesome waterfalls. What was interesting is that two weeks after I got back, I came down with an inflamed appendix; had it happened out there, 2 weeks paddle away from any help, I would be dead now.

This DVD is my best yet. It’s 61 minutes long, and is $19.95 AUD plus postage ($6 for Aussies, $8 for overseas buyers). The photo of the cover was too big a file size to upload here, but it’s on my site on the Products page. If you like truly wild, unexplored jungle rivers, this one is for you…

Kevin Casey

Hi Kevin,
Looks like one mighty journey, great job. Enjoyed your site a lot too.
We recently returned from paddling a small Amazonian tributary in Amapa, Brazil. It took us into the Tumucumaque wilderness where Brazil borders with French Guyana, so I imagine some similarities in the wild live and experiences we both had. You can find out more at brazil9000[dot]com

We also have a short film on our river journey that you can find on our site.
Hope you enjoy it!