Mobile Sauna for rafting.

Hey guys, I found a cool thing on ebay. It’s a siberian sauna/tent that fits in a bag.
I’m not sure if it’s good though…I will rely on what you guys think about it.

Here is the link to the Sauna/tent <— long link :open_mouth:

Thanks for the help.

It’s probably great if you want a sauna for your yard at home. It weighs 50 pounds though. 1.2k is a little steep I think. The vertical walls would make it dangerous for camping, if you were in the cold and had the stove burning wind could easily shift things around to no good end.

Check out the Kifaru 4 man tipi instead. It is only around 12 pounds including medium size stove. It costs a little less than that sauna as well. I think my September paycheck is earmarked for this baby!

Thanks for the advice.

By the way the wall is secured by a cable of some sort.
Also I foudn this one, whic his basicly the same but way more expensive (1.9k)…So I think that 1.2k is a good deal.

Here is link ---->

Thanks for the advice, once again.

I once floated the Tana and a guy brought along a hot tub to soak in. It was a kiddie pool filled with river water and heated by water circulated through copper tubing over a fire by a motorcycle battery powered pump. After about 4 hours of circulation the water was over 100! A bit heavy for a packrafting trip but for fat rafting it was pretty deluxe!