MN Twin Cities

Hello, I’m new to this forum and new to packrafting just got my alpacka a couple days ago. Got the Alpacka to take on trips. I bought an unlimited Suncountry pass that’s good for a little over a month and will be taking the alpacka to the Everglades, Padre Island and to New York to paddle near the Statue of Liberty.
If there are any packrafters around the Twin Cities let me know, would like to get together.

I live in NYC and also recently bought an Alpacka. Feel free to contact me if you’d like someone to join you for packrafting when you visit the city. I’ve only used it in the Adirondacks so far, but hopefully will find some local spots. Some pretty tough currents on the Hudson (and plenty of boat traffic), but I see people out there with kayaks.

I was wondering about the Hudson also. Just got back from an hour and a half on the Mississippi(second outing in my new alpacka) and trying to go upstream against a current and wind was about as fast as walking with my shoelaces tied together.
In a kayak going upstream is slower but it is very doable. Will have to find out how feasible the Statue of Liberty would be, but even if it takes 3 times longer than a yak, so what! Would be fun.
Also need to find out how close one can get, I know too close is a restricted area.